Flower dew shawl CAL

Welcome to Flower Dew Shawl CAL! Join us on Ana D crochet patterns Group to celebrate Spring making this beautiful shawl together with our talented crochet community!

Lightweight shawls are always good idea no matter the season.  Spring inspired me to design a shawl that shows the beauty of crochet and look contemporary, something elegant and feminine that women of every age will enjoy. And of course it’s always more fun to crochet in a good company. That’s the story behind Flower Dew Shawl CAL!

Flower dew shawl is with slightly asymmetrical triangular shape. It’s fun play of lace section and simple double crochet section which will show beautifully when worn. The asymmetrical shape makes it look elegant and modern.
It can be worn in a multitude of ways. Wrap it around your neck as scarf, wear it like a cowl or bandanna, or just throw it over one shoulder to give a pop of colour. To make the Flower dew shawl you’ll need approximately 470 yards (430 m) of  Fingering  yarn with nice drape and crochet hook size 3.5 mm (E). Pattern is for intermediate level of crochet skills.


Flower Dew Shawl CAL start from  April 6th and will end on April 30th. To make it more fun after each phase we’ll giveaway patterns, yarn or something crochet related!
Please read the rules of the game that we’ll play in next 3 weeks!

1. Get the Flower Dew Shawl pattern on Ravelry and create your own Ravelry project
Pattern is 40% OFF till Friday, April 6, with coupon  ADGROUP.  Join us at Ana D crochet patterns Group on Facebook.

2. CAL schedule:
Phase 1: April 6th– April 14 – Materials. Prepare your materials, create your own Ravelry project. To enter the giveaway share your own yarn pictures.
Prize: 1 Ana D pattern of winner’s choice. Winner will be announced on Sunday, April 15.
Phase 2:  April 15– April 25 Flower Dew Shawl Row 1-75. To enter the giveaway share your own pictures of your work-in-progress.
Prize: To be announced soon in my next blog post and on Ana D crochet group. Winner will be announced on Sunday, April 25.
Phase 3:  April 25– April 30 Flower Dew Shawl Row 75-88 and blocking.  To enter the giveaway share your own pictures of your finished  Flower Dew Shawl.
GRAND PRIX : 3 crochet patterns by Ana D  of winners choice and 1 pattern each from  CoCo Crochet Lee, HanJan Crochet, KT and the Squid, With Alex, Divine Debris, Sincerely Pam. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 1th!!!

3. Prizes will be given after the end of each phase. For latest news please join Ana D crochet group . Follow the schedule and be sure that you added on time your own pictures to your Ravelry project.

4. And the most important: Enjoy and have Fun!
Share your work-in-progress and what inspires you! Feel free to invite your crochet fellows to join the party at Ana D crochet group. If any help needed please contact me (tag me, PM me or email me at by.accessorise@gmail.com).  I’ll be happy to help!

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